Clean Energy Foundation (TEMEV)

Between   the years 1993-94 several projects were carried out on new and clean energies in the Physics Department of Hacettepe University. ‘The Everlasting  Energy Island’ project was one of them. As a matter of fact many contacts were undertaken related to this concept with national  and international organizations and also individuals. It was seen that there is a need a independent institution to carry out these studies. The former chairman of Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBİTAK), Prof. Dr. Tosun Terzioğlu and Prof. Dr. Demir İnan came together and they decided to establish an institute or a foundation within the structure of TUBİTAK for sustainability of these studies. Because of independency character of a foundation, ‘Clean Energy Foundation (CEF)’ established with participation of 14 founder members and 4 institutional members on 26th  December 1994.

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